Saturday, March 21, 2015


Came across yet another song to listen to now and then. I didn't hear it in the car, but via one of those TV radio station things my mother surfs now and then.

Unlike the majority of my reviews of music here, this one isn't amazing. And for the first time ever, the song's music video kind of ruined it a little for me.

The redeeming feature of this song is its general guitar sound. The guitarist took something simple and made it catchy, somewhat refreshing, and generally interesting right to the end of the song.

Otherwise, the progression is very common in that exact key itself. I-VII-IV in D minor. D-C-G. So many songs use that progression. With this song however, that's all it is. The entire song plays these three notes over and over along the bass. There's no change in anything other than the guitar's notes and riffs. And the one pre-chorus bit where the bass switches to C a little earlier than usual.

Then there are the lyrics, which for the verses are the same several lines repeated twice. The chorus is 'here comes the rain/here she comes again,' etc. Singing about the rain as a metaphor for your girlfriend coming is constant throughout the song other than the twice-repeated verse.

Despite this sameness throughout the song - its music, its over-used progression in its over-used key playing over and over, the same generic lyrics - I kind of liked it regardless, largely thanks to the guitar and the general catchiness of the actual key and progression. It's hard to tire of D-C-G regardless of how often you hear it. It was an okay song.

I tried watching the music video. I don't really know why they made a video for a relatively mundane song, and they kept the video itself mundane as well. However, there were repetitive scenes that were close-ups of a tongue licking a microphone. That wasn't too awful. It was the dripping, soaking microphone itself. I have a mildly hard time not substituting the context of the scene as something sexual, which wouldn't be too bad if the microphone hadn't been soaking in a tub of saliva. Too much. Too gross. The singer himself also looked too much like the elder woman that works in dry foods at work. It was a weird mash for me. The drummer wasn't on time in the video, hitting cymbals when they weren't hit, and again, the only person who looked proficient and normal was the guitarist.

In the end, the song is still okay. The guitar saves it, as well as the nice idea of thinking of the girl you're waiting for as rain. It makes me think of how pianos in certain songs (i.e. 'Not Home Today') synesthetically seem 'watery' and 'rainy' to me, and simultaneously make me think of certain girls or a type of girl I like. Rain can be very soothing. I kind of miss it.

Music: C+
Lyrics: C
Video: D-

I don't think I've given such low grades here. The song came out in 1985 from an album called Love. Seems nice, but it goes to show that at least I don't find every possible 80s song amazing or worth a B+/A-.

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